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WordPress Maintenance Services & Contract

Every month you get access to our team of developers for website maintenance and support services for installing a plugin, cleaning up CSS issues, styling a review plugin, etc.

Many people do not realize that running a website is hard work — it’s one of the main reasons why so many webmasters end up letting theirs fall by the wayside.

Proactive Support

We do not wait for you to report problems to us. We will proactively update your WordPress website — guaranteeing the updates won’t cause any compatibility issues (if something breaks, we will fix it).

Above & Beyond

We do more than merely maintain your website, we strive to improve it, optimizing your website for speed, refine your onsite SEO to boost traffic, and even perform extensive security audits — we go above and beyond at every opportunity.

Time Saving

If you’re already relatively competent with WordPress, this service may not offer anything groundbreaking — you can probably do many of the tasks yourself. What it does offer, however, is peace of mind and significant time saving. If you’re running your website as a business — an inherently stressful activity — easing your workload in any shape or form may well be a godsend.

What is included in our annual maintenance contact ?

WordPress Updates

If we can update it in your dashboard, we will as soon as the updates are released. A real developer, backing up and updating your site. This includes core, themes and plugins.

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Scheduled Daily Backups

Scheduled backups on a daily basis to both your hosting space and to an off site cloud for security. We can also download backups to your personal storage space

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Plugin Compatibility Support

We offer up to an hour of compatibility support. If we can’t fix it within that time, we will rollback to your latest update and contact you with recommendations..

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Preventative Maintenance

We will audit and secure your site and set you up for success during our setup process. Every site and hosting environment is different, so we work with you.

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Security Monitoring

World class security monitoring and malware attack cleanup. Stop attacks before they start, eliminate malicious code if they happen

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Author Content

We will author content & create new pages on request. In addition we perform monthly basic SEO tasks to ensure your website is up to date

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What is the cost?

We typically charge a nominal fee of 15,000 Thai Baht per year, which is just a little over 1,000 Baht per month for compete peace of mind. We may on occasion charge slightly more if we believe that the website requires a higher level of  maintenance.

We can assure you the cost of repairing a badly damaged website can end up being more expensive than the cost of maintenance. 

Details of your requirement or problem 

We will get back to you within 24 hours. Please feel free to call us if you require assistance sooner 0999-102-103

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